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General Info: Uses and Effects

Trexall Generic (Methotrexate) is used for the treatment of specific kinds of cancer. It is also sometimes prescribed to control serious psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis that has not really responded to any other treatment. The drug is also sometimes recommended for the management of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Trexall Methotrexate is in a class of medications known as antimetabolites. It functions by stopping or slowing down the growth of cancer cells and repress the immune system. When Methotrexate is prescribed for the treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis, it can help reduce degenerating joint damage and also protect joint function.

Contraindication: Important to Know

Methotrexate has rarely been reported to cause severe side effects. However, the drug should only be used for the treatment of cancer or other serious diseases that are the result of overactive immune system such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. The medication has been reported to cause birth defects as well as death in new born babies. It is therefore important that women should avoid getting pregnant while on the medication. For patients who have excess body water (like pleural effusion, ascites) or kidney problems should not be placed on Methotrexate. If you develop any of these medical conditions while using the medication, you should stop immediately and inform your doctor. Trexall at high dosage can cause rare and severe bone or marrow problems and intestinal or stomach disease when used with a non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs like Ketoprofen and Indomethacin. You should therefore not use a high dosage of Methotrexate with non steroid anti inflammatory drugs. The medication can also result in very rare side effects like lung infections (Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia), lung problems, mouth sores, diarrhea, and skin reactions.

Before you start your treatment with Trexall Methotrexate, you should inform your doctor about your medical history especially if you have kidney disease, liver disease, lung disease, blood cell or bone marrow disorders, folic acid deficiency, stomach or intestinal disease, or any active infection. Methotrexate can increase your chances of getting infection or worsen a current infection. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you maintain high level of hygiene and wash your hands regularly to prevent the spread of infection.

Instructions on Taking

It is important that you read the information leaflet provided to you by your health care provider before you start on the medication. In case you have any question, ensure you ask your doctor or pharmacist before you start your treatment. It is important to know that Methotrexate is a strong drug and the dosage given to you is usually based on your health condition and your response to treatment. There are different options of dosage schedule that can be prescribed for you by your doctor, depending on your medical condition. You should never take the drug in the wrong way to avoid serious adverse effects or death. The drug is usually taking by mouth and must be taken according your doctor’s prescription.

For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, Trexall Methotrexate is prescribed to be taken once a week and you might have to take it for many months before you can experience the full benefit. In case you are taking the liquid form of this drug, it is important that you accurately measure the drug with the particular measuring spoon provided by your doctor. You shouldn’t use the regular household spoon for the measurement as you may not be able to get the right dose. You should never increase your dosage or take the medication longer than what is prescribed. The drug can be absorbed through the lungs and skin, and has the potential to harm a foetus; pregnant women or women who may get pregnant in the course of treatment should not take or handle the medication. While taking this medication, it is essential that you take a lot of fluids except your doctor advises otherwise. This will help your kidneys remove the medication from your body system and reduce the case of certain side effects.

Side Effects

There are some common side effects of using this medication. However, some patients do not experience some of these adverse effects. You should know that your physician has prescribed Trexall for you because they believe that the health benefit greatly outweighs the risk of taking the medication. However, if you have any concern, you should discuss with your doctor before you start taking the medication. Some of the common side effects of taking Trexall Methotrexate include vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, or drowsiness. These adverse reactions will naturally go away after sometimes. However, if any of them persist or worsen over time, you should contact your doctor immediately.

There are other severe side effects that can be experience while taking this medication. You should inform your health care provider immediately if you experience severe side effects such as signs of anemia (like pale skin, or unusual tiredness), mouth sores, signs of liver problems (like persistent vomiting, nausea, yellowing of skin or eyes, dark urine, abdominal or stomach pain). Other severe adverse effects that require urgent medical attention include easy bleeding or bruising, enlarged lymph nodes or glands, black stools, bone pain, signs of kidney problems, discoloration of the skin or unusual pain, muscle weakness or dry cough. You should also attain medical help immediately if you have very severe side effects such as neck stiffness, vision changes, weakness on one part of the body, irregular heartbeat, seizure, severe headache, mood/mental changes.

Methotrexate has the potential to reduce your body’s ability to fight infection. You should therefore inform your doctor immediately if you experience any sign of infection.

Interaction with Other Drugs

It is crucial to mention that the list of drugs mentioned here is not exhaustive. There might be other medications that can interact with Methotrexate. You should therefore inform your doctor of all other medications (prescription, non prescription, vitamins, herbal supplements) that you are using before starting a course of Methotrexate. Some drugs that can interact with this medication include Asparaginase, Acitretin, Leflunomide, Chroramphenicol, and some medicines that can lead to kidney problems like Cisplatin. Other drugs that can interact with Methotrexate are Penicillin, Isotretinoin, Procarbazine, Probenecid, Tetracyclines, Phenytoin, Pyrimethamine, Esomeprazole, Pantoprazole, Omeprazole, Azathiprine, and Sulfasalazine.


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